Cory Rooney gets his Doctorate Degree

The 2017-18 Academic Year has begun! Convocation was a huge success and FTC scored a homerun on all fronts. President David Cohen and Provost Carolann Miller led the Board of Trustees, dignitaries, faculty, staff and students and honored guests into the Performing Arts Center and launched the 44th academic session.

Independence Party Chairman Frank MacKay introduced the esteemed and awesome honorees–Cory Rooney and Rolland Smith—who both dazzled the packed audience with incredible words of wisdom, sound advice and important guidelines to help others navigate through life as adeptly as they have . . . stating to follow certain principals and to make careful decisions that move your life forward.

In addition to musical interludes (and some harmonica playing), student performances, alumni songs, reading of poems and faculty guitar playing, crazy hats led the day . . . the College thanks all who attended and participated.

1 thought on “Cory Rooney gets his Doctorate Degree”

  1. I can’t say in one sentence how proud I am of my son Cory Rooney, and blessed . He is my pride and joy and Im so thankful for him , I knew when he was born on Thanksgiving day that he was special. I thank God or him everyday, I know that he’s pleasing in Gods sight and so many many people throughout his lifetime, God bless you always son. all my love, Ma.

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