WELCOME TO CORY ROONEY MEDIA GROUP! Media, Music, and Branding at the forefront of engaging content in a digital world. WHO ARE WE? Cory Rooney Media Group is a collection of creative executives from across the entertainment and business landscape. We’re also artists, storytellers and dreamers. We’ve watched our industry ebb and flow, adapt, evolve, change and revert back again. With more than a century of combined experience in the entertainment industry, we’ve been a part of over a 1 billion dollars in music sales and reached hundreds of millions of television viewers with our television series. In every sense of the word, we are hit makers and award winners. We recognize we’re at an amazing confluence of technology, information sharing, art and entertainment. The Internet has proven to be a great leveler, throwing out the old rules of distribution and monetization and forever changing who gets to be the tastemakers and innovators. And we’ve never been more excited to be in the game.
CRMG is dedicated to providing a full suite of
media services, including music and branding, to businesses and talent looking to increase their potential for success. To date, these services are dominated by traditional agencies and production companies that focus on broad and traditional media development. We believe in doing things a different way. By working directly with networks, clients and brands, we’re able to offer personalized solutions and practical action plans that best match consumers with the programming, music and video they’re already looking for.

That said, we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to distribution. The current media landscape is ever changing, but with our deep, long-standing relationships across broadcast, cable and OTT outlets, as well as our ability to recruit much sought after celebrity partners, we feel we can provide exactly the type of programming that will fit the diverse needs across the spectrum.