the rise and fall of an internet personality

In an era where likes and views are coveted currency, “Like” is a character study chronicling the rise and fall of an internet personality in the fast-paced and ever-changing age of the internet. What happens when the dire need for attention goes too far? What happens when we put more importance into the avatar than our own reality? Are we prepared to face the real life consequences of our online actions?

“Like” takes a comedic satire approach into the new age of social media personalities becoming overnight celebrities and the blurred lines between the digital and the real world.


Welcome to the world of social media prankster, Benito Cruz!


Welcome to the world of social media prankster, Benito Cruz, where he has built a following by making edgy pranks that flirt with legality. That is, until the one that lands him behind bars. Many moons later, Benito is released and has inherited even bigger social media accounts due to his content going viral since his incarceration. With his new inheritance also comes a transformation – from clickbait prankster to hardcore, ruff around the edges rapper, Lil Tito.

A trolling genius, Lil Tito, skyrockets to the top of the charts as everything he does hits the trending section of every platform. People become completely infatuated with him and his antics. Asking themselves, “What will Lil Tito do next?!”

However, with fame comes a responsibility that Lil Tito completely avoids and disregards. As he enters the music industry, the internet puppeteer becomes the victim of an ever-manipulative industry that has chewed and spit out artists since its inception.

Ironically, Lil Tito is quickly destroyed by the beast that created him. The constant need for attention drives him to do the unthinkable. Obsessed with clout and the need for online validation, Lil Tito comes to terms with the consequence of his actions.